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Here at Elliott of London we are hugely passionate about our Made In Britain products, so hearing that the British manufacturing is rising again has got us all creative.

"It is good news for British manufacturing as survey reveals that 40% of companies are bringing production back in-house.

Threats of recession and natural disasters are the reasons cited by many as to why they are looking closer to home to make their product! This news shows a real window of opportunity to build manufacturing back up in the UK, which would help the British economy to generate sustainable growth"

We are super proud that our sculptures are fully British & handmade in our studios & we hope this positivity for the UK will draw business back into the country.

The art of blacksmithing has been around for centuries, and it continues to forge on into the future as people carry on the long-held traditions of this craft. Even with advances in technology, many of the earliest techniques are essentially unchanged in modern blacksmithing.

We are thrilled to see the tables turning back to UK manufacturers!

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