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3 NEW Luxury Handmade Console Tables for 2017: Bespoke Furniture by Charles Elliott

Charles Elliott and his team use traditional craftsmanship, in their rural Buckinghamshire studio, to create timeless, elegant and luxurious furniture. Forging and manipulating metals, using traditional machinery and techniques to create unique pieces. Each piece bought to life with its intricate detailing and luxurious finishes including gold, bronze and silver patinas among others. Artist & Sculptor Charles Elliott opened Elliott of London Studio, not far from his home in Hawridge Buckinghamshire, to cater for a London based clientele. With his luxurious furniture on show in Kings Road Chelsea, Charles has built up a reputation with his bespoke, unique and contemporary designs. All products are created in house to ensure high standard of finish. They aim to continue expanding their design range, improving classic and progressing new ideas through 2017, whilst maintaining traditional craftsmanship throughout. Charles and his family has been involved in handcrafting products for generations, and he hopes 2017 will bring him and his team new opportunities to expand further within the furniture industry. 3 NEW Luxury British Handmade Console Tables Designs for 2017: 1) Noir et d’or Console Table – With Bianco Carrara Marble and Gold Detailing H950 x W1220 x D410 Made to Order - £4,850

2) Lien Croix Console Table - Bronze Patina With Bianco Carrara Marble H820 x W1220 x D410 Made to Order - £4000

3) Vagues Console Table – Antique Silver with Black Pearl Marble H950 x W1220 x D410 Made to Order - £4,100

Please call our studio on 01494758896 or email for more information.

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