Interior sculptures

Our Ever-Growing Selection Of Interior Sculptures Created By Elliott of London.


Designed & created hand by our small dedicated team of craftsmen, from start to finish in our studio & workshop, enabling us to provide you with a wide variety of stunning home décor piece of art perfect as Mantle Piece Art or Drawing Room Sculpture.

Our Interior Design Items range from delicate Abstract Foal Sculpture all the way through to our Arab’s Horse Head Bronze Sculpture- with so many other Indoor Sculpture options available.

Each of our Interior art products are hand forged & individually made for each customer using some of the oldest British blacksmithing traditions & a touch of “Elliott of London” modern twists bring the Interior Animal or Abstract Home Décor to life, creating feel, mood, movement, emotion & character in each piece.

Using these older more traditional methods – including our trusty 1920’s power hammer we are able to bend & forge the boundaries of Interior Art, Indoor Sculpture, Mantle piece Ornament & Home Décor Statue whilst keeping everything made in house.

Most of our artwork starts off on paper, clever detailed sketches are made by Charles Elliott in his rural studio – Charles & his small team will then work closely with one another to put plans in motion for the build of each.

We have something for everyone in our current stock. If you need inspiration for your Kitchen Décor we have our Horseshoe Wine Rack’s in all different sizes or a hand forged Bottle Opener, or do you have room on the Mantle Piece or in the Living Room by the window for a stunning piece of handmade art… we hope we’d be able to fill it for you.


Does your Living room design require an Indoor sculpture.

If you are looking for House décor to match your Modern Décor look no further.

Table sculpture to match your Home décor.

Some of our Interior sculpture are brilliant Drawing room sculpture pieces.

Weather it’s a bit of Table art or a Table statue you need, we have lots of products for your to browse.

Does your fireplace Mantle piece sculpture need a freshen up?

We have a wide variety of Art including our Bronze indoor sculpture

Equine décor & Horse décor are a favourite of ours & producing Horse sculpture it’s a real passion of ours.

We create Small animal sculpture & Large indoor sculpture.

Ornaments for living room & Statues for living room can be found in our Interior design shop section.

Some of our Tall floor sculptures & Tall floor art are favourites of most for Inside sculpture.

The items in our Wall art & Interior wall art are all Indoor metal statues & Interior wall sculpture that we think suit an array of Indoor Sculpture wants & needs.

Charles our British artist creates our Indoor wildlife sculpture & indoor metal art from his rural studio.

Keep a eye out for our Indoor sculpture sale & Interior sculpture sale across the website.

Interior design art is extra special when it becomes Kitchen art décor.


I’ve seen your Equestrian art and wondered if you could create a metal equestrian sculpture of my horse for inside? Possibly one for my drawing room?

We could definitely create you a commission of your horse in an abstract metal form as a drawing room sculpture. Our Abstract jumping horse is an example of this method for you.


Do your indoor ornaments also go as outdoor sculptures?

No, our interior sculpture collection are all finished to live indoors, unless otherwise requested by the purchaser. In some cases, we can alter the finish to enable them to be exterior sculptures.


Do you do interior animal sculpture commissions?

We most certainly do – we can create indoor sculptures in a few of our regularly used materials, to create you either metal indoor sculpture, bronze indoor sculptures & resin indoor sculptures. Its all down to client’s preference.


How do your Wall Art Sculptures attach?

Our Wall art, Wall Sculptures & Wall décor options all have the necessary attachments on them if they are stated as wall art. We can also change this if needed for each customer.


Do you have any indoor sculpture art sales?

We currently don’t have any of our interior sculpture on sale as such but keep an eye on prices on the website as they do change from time to time. We are also open to offers on any of our work if you wish to make an offer too.


Where would one of your Sail Ornaments go as they are quite large?

We have our largest Sail Sculpture at 3ft so this could be used as Tall Floor Art or as a Table Sculpture or we have seen them used as Door Stop Art too. We also create smaller options if this would be better for you.

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