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Horseshoe sculptures have become a popular rustic style sculpture in the UK. Using either recycled scrap horseshoes or upcycled rustic horse shoes is becoming on efficient way to create affordable sculptures. Elliott of London are become one of the UK leading British sculpture companies, working in a variety of materials and styles, including creating horseshoe sculptures. From their sculpture studio in Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire border, Charles and his team craft each intricate detail on each sculpture.

Charles and his team are able to create a variety of sculptures and animal sculptures using new materials or even used rustic horseshoes and new horseshoes.

Who creates the Horseshoe Sculptures at Elliott of London?    

Led by founder and British Sculptor Charles, each design of horseshoe sculptures, is designed and drawn up. Charles and his team of craftsman will begin to prepare help build the shoes, they will then begin to work as a team to infill the outline to create a 3d horseshoe animal sculpture.

How to create Horseshoe Sculptures?

When creating Horseshoe sculpture you require a variety of machinery and experience, you have to curve and bend each shoe using a hammer after heating in a coke forge or gas furnace. When creating sculpture in used horseshoes also requires an artistic eye, it takes many years to see and master the craft of sculpting horse shoes in art. You have to infill the sculpture to create expression and natural shape of the animal or subject.

What finishes are available in Horse Shoe Sculptures?

Horseshoe sculptures are available in a rustic textured finish or in new steel and galvanised finish to protect the finish, you can have in various different colour paint finishes.

What do horseshoe sculptures cost?

It varies in size and how intricate the design is, most of the costs relate to skill and labour involved in preparing the shoes and designs. It is a very labour intensive and requires knowledge and experience to craft such a sculpture. Smaller Horseshoe Sculptures could only cost £500-£5000 - larger horse sculptures and stag sculptures could cost around £2,000 - £35,000 depending on size.


Elliott of London Upcycled Horseshoe Stag Sculptures in Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire


Stag horse shoe sculptures are one of Elliott of London most popular horseshoe sculptures, the stags are created using used horseshoes to give the piece depth and texture. The stag sculptures come in variety of sizes.

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