Animal garden sculpture

Our Extraordinary Selection Of Animal Garden Sculptures Created By Elliott of London.

Designed & created hand by our small dedicated team of craftsmen, from start to finish in our studio & workshop, enabling us to provide you with a wide variety of Wildlife Sculptures to suit any size of garden or outdoor area.

Our Wildlife Sculpture’s range from our simplistic yet “alive” Hedgehog all the way up to our 13ft Rearing Horse- with so many other Exterior Animal Art options available.

Each of our Wildlife Outdoor Sculptures are hand forged & individually made for each customer using some of the oldest British blacksmithing traditions & a touch of “Elliott of London” modern twists bring the Animal Art to life, creating movement, emotion & character in each piece.

Using these older more traditional methods – including our trusty 1920’s power hammer we are able to bend & forge the boundaries of garden art, sculpture, ornament & statue whilst keeping everything in house.

Most of our artwork starts off on paper, clever detailed sketches are made by Charles Elliott in his rural studio – Charles & his small team will then work closely with one another to put plans in motion for the build of each sculpture.

Starting off each & every animal with a very simplistic outline, slowing building up bit by bit using 6mm or 8mm mild steel bar. Slowly hand bending & forging each limb & each muscle indent all the way through to the finished article.

Mainly using a Hot Zinc Galvanised finish or our Rustic finish depending what the clients needs, wants or wishes are.

We also have a large collection of Stag sculptures that we create using the same methods just a different material of upcycled horseshoes. We love the finish the horseshoes give to the Deer Sculptures as the begin to live amongst the weather elements.

We take great pride in our Metal Artwork & Metal Sculptures – each piece of 8mm or each horseshoe is slowly bent to give the best animalistic features – no matter what size it is.

We provide outlets, business, theme parks, company’s & individuals with our Animal Sculptures, meaning we can create anything big or small!

We also provide a delivery & installation package, which enables us to work closely with any & all Garden Designers & Marketing Teams to ensure every client's needs within their designs are fulfilled for the centre piece sculpture to fit in perfectly.

Our Garden ornaments ooze with handcrafted details to enhance Garden décor.

Our Sculpture garden items include all Garden Statues, Metal garden sculptures & animal garden sculptures.

You can buy our garden statues to create your decorative garden with our garden wall art options or modern sculptures.

Buying garden sculpture from us is made easy.

We create both Abstract garden sculpture & Contemporary garden sculpture.

Our Large sculpture range has Animal garden art, metal garden art & outdoor statues to suit everyone.

The Outdoor garden sculpture selection we have makes shopping for an Exterior sculpture easy.

Small garden sculpture is something we pride ourselves on with every detail & effort put into our Small garden ornaments.

Large outdoor garden art produced by us is perfect for anyone wanting Outdoor garden art.

We have Garden statues for sale in our Garden sculpture sale & our Garden ornament sale.



Do you make big animal statues in smaller sizes?

100%! We are able to create any animal sculpture in any size to suit you all, be they small sculptures or large sculptures – we can commission anything.

Do you export large animal metal sculptures?

Yes we do! We welcome buyers from all over the world. We can arrange transportation, delivery & installation all over the world.

Can you make any animal ornament?

We love a challenge – the bigger the better but we also do enjoy the smaller more detailed animal sculptures.

How long do the metal animal sculptures last?

We have two main finishes with our animal sculpture – Rustic & Galvanised.

Our rustic finish would be good for approx. 35-55 years. The hot zinc galvanised finish has a guarantee from the factory on the finish not to rust through for 35yrs plus, but we believe they would last a while longer than that. So overall depending on conditions potentially 150 + years!

Can anyone visit your workshop & sculpture studio?

Yes! Please do. We welcome everyone to visit our Workshop & Studio to view our sculptures, buy our products & talk about your commissions. We ask for you to make prior with us to ensure one of us is available

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