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Metal, Ironwork, Copper & Bronze Sculptures near Chesham Buckinghamshire


Looking for a Sculpture or local British Sculptor in Buckinghamshire?

Handmade & Bespoke Sculptures

We are able to produce sculpture to meet all our clients needs - 
All Commissions Undertaken Nationwide & Internationally
We can ship & deliver worldwide!

Public Art -  Interior Sculpture - Exterior Sculpture - Wall Sculpture - Modern Sculpture 


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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for a bespoke sculpture?
We can design & create a sculpture to meet personal requirements and needs.

Who makes the sculpture?
All sculptures are designed and created by our founder & British Sculptor, Artist & Designer Charles Elliott

Who do we work for and why?
We are able to produce sculpture for p
rivate clients. We are able to produce Commercial sculpture for companies, Public Art for local authorities and councils,  Abstract, Modern & Contemporary

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Sculptor Charles Elliott based in The Vale, Chesham Buckinghamshire Tel: 01494758896  Metal Sculpture, Bronze Sculpture near Chesham Buckinghamshire

Looking for an Sculpture or Sculptor in Buckinghamshire?

Based near Chesham, Hawridge, Cholesbury, Wigginton, Ley Hill, Bovingdon, Chenies, Amersham, Hyde Heath, Great Missenden area – Sculpture in Buckinghamshire.

Buckinghamshire Studio of British Sculptor, Artist & Designer Charles Elliott - Commercial, Public Art & Private - Abstract, Modern Contemporary Art in Buckinghamshire & London

Established Sculptor and Artist Blacksmith Charles Elliott from Buckinghamshire, works on a variety of sculpture commissions of any size, with individual clients, companies, architects, garden designers, interior designers and local authorities, ensuring all work reflects the clients' specified wishes. Charles and his team have the traditional and modern skills to produce sculpture with a bold structure, design, perspective, and a richness of characters and textures. Sculptor Elliott and his team have built up an excellent reputation for producing high quality sculpture to tight deadlines in the Buckinghamshire area.

We will visit the client at their site in and around United Kingdom, take measurements, and then design sculptures. We will then return with the drawings and if the client is happy we will make a maquette to suit your design. If you're looking to turn your sculpture concept into a reality, contact Charles and his team for all your metal design needs in and around The Vale Chesham, Buckinghamshire.

We work closely with our clients in The Chilterns and Bucks area, from the concept and initial design through to the professional installation; we can make and design iron sculptures of all shapes and sizes. No project is too big or too small for our team of sculptors, let us bring your design into reality.  Offering a range of sculpture and ironwork services in and around The Vale Chesham. From our large workshop we are able to cover most of the Chilterns, we are able to offer our services across London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

CALL US ON  01494758896​

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Elliott Artist Sculptors near The Vale Chesham Buckinghamshire, we were originally based and working from The vale near teh canal, shortly after leaving there we reopened our Buckinghamshire Chesam Based worksho. In the Vale Chesham, we were ale to offer a wider larger rage of sculptures, ironwork, furniture and bespoke luxury metal work and wrought iron. Charles worked with Paul Elliott his uncle from a young age in Aldbury stocks road, when Paul moved to The vale charles found it easier to get to the forge in Bulbounre as he could follow the canal by bike from Chesham to work in the The vale workshop. It was a few years later that charles wanted to push his sculptures, ironwork and metal design further than Chesham workshop could take. Charles Decided it best to look for a bigger workshop , after looking for some time he found a large workshop for him to open his new art studio in Buckinghamshire. Moving to buckinghamshire, charles was able to offer his elliott of london metal and Sculptoring services to Chesham, bulbounre and all the areas he had originally worked in. Charles was always gladof the skilles he has developed in Aldbury and in The vale Workshops, using hammer and tongs to create ironwork to last a lifetime. He was please that all his Sculptoring skills and art sculpture skills could be used at his new studio in The Vale Chesham Buckinghamshire. Charles was at this point stocking a few items in CHelsea London, which developed the name elliott of london. Elliott Artist was also a name charles used originally. Artist Sculptor and sculptor in Chesham had now become metal Sculptor, artist and sculpture in Buckinghamshire and Buckinghamshire. Covering Chesham The vale, Buckinghamshire including aldbury where charles had first used a hammer and tongs to create metal work in Sculpting studio workshop, using traditional techniques to creat art and ironwowkr for public and private clientelle.

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Other work
We also produce hand-forged architectural ironwork, sculpture, waterfeatures, gates, railings, staircases, pergolas & arbours in iron, steel, bronze and other metals for gardens & home.

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BUCKINGHAMSHIRE STUDIO:    01494 758 896    LONDON OFFICE:   020 8050 3702